b-Safe Products

Our Mission Is To Aid The World Population By Designing Harm Reduction Products To Combat Health Problems Associated With More Sensitive Issues.

b-Safe Products is presently working on patent pending solutions for the aid in the management of Diabetes and to reduce the spread of infectious disease.

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Fresh Meal.Club

Fresh Meal.Club is a provider of fresh, healthy gourmet meals that combines the two factors that people are looking for:
Quality and Flavor– along with the two things most people struggle with at mealtime – Balance and Portion Control.

Fresh Meal.Club is designed to promote and supply fresh and healthy meal programs to diverse sectors of our population. From “Farm to Table” we strive to use the very best ingredients that are seasonable, all natural and locally sourced, to deliver a gourmet meal to fit one’s lifestyle. Our goal is to spread health and wellness for a better living through the convenience of programs that empower you with the tools to master a more wholesome existence.

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Q-Inside Products

Q-Inside charging solutions, led by the global standard Qi, brings a completely new dimension of technical comfort. Thanks to Qi technology, wireless charging is no longer just a dream of the future.

You can forget about all those various chargers and that cable spaghetti. Now charge your phone conveniently at your desk , on your table at home or on the go. Imagine lounges, waiting rooms, airports bars and restaurants with charging stations seamlessly integrated into the furniture.

You can now join the ranks of those who are finding the convenience of wireless charging. Check out our website to be discover the possibilities.

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QJ Design & Consulting

A boutique, physical design studio in Upstate New York, QJ Design has been creating attention grabbing, stunningly original designs for over 45 years.

With a problem solving approach that can take many different forms or functions, QJ Design & Consulting has been a sought after source for answers covering projects in all fields. From commercial and residential space design, to project innovations and creative solutions. Look to QJ Design & Consulting for that fresh approach.

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Gyro Heat Technologies

We are using Revolutionary Technology to Produce electricity that you can put back into the power grid when you are simply cooking a meal!

Our patent-pending Gyro-Therm gas burner creates electricity while in use. The electricity can be used to add more heat into the cooking process or back into the power grid. Secondly, the Gyro-Them burner prevents hot spots by rotating the flame while in use, we call this Mechanical Heat Distribution.

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